Thursday 29 March 2012

The Skipper's Delight, or the perfect Corriodore cocktail

To make the perfect Corriodore you will need 14 of the finest ingredients:

A big hit of Mars as a base (caution: may give you the runs)
A dash of Sheriff Rusty for elegance (also prevents Mars giving you the runs)
A splash of Dawson's Plum (any variety will do)
A switch hit of Paulo Da Vies (for high-end appealing)
Skip this bit (unless well pickled)
A pinch hit of Swiss Torpedo (popular with children)
The last drops of Forge (turn it in for the ultimate pick-me-up)
A little Behl (for fire in the Behlly)
A generous slug of Crabbie's (really sneaks up on you)
A twist of Smurf (if unavailable then Blue Bols will do)
Barbarossa Finest Run (for that 'Aarr' factor)
A jigger of vintage Foley (for added sparkle)
A few shakes of a Panda's tail (to assure that this will catch on)
And finally a Lump of Strachan's Finest. Absolut Lee necessary and without which this cocktail would have no bite.

Blend together for two weeks. Shake up from time to time. Muddle, confound and confuse. Stir well then serve with the finest steak.


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