Monday 5 March 2012

3 years ago, some fool suggested we put a team together to go to Chile to play cricket. That fool's name is Duncan. And he is the Captain of this ship.

That was 3 years ago!

Now, in just 9 days time, the Corridors Cricket Club and selected masters of the game from the London Itinerants Cricket Club, will venture not only to Chile, but will embark upon an epic tour of South America, starting in Argentina.

3 games in Buenos Aires followed by 3 games in Santiago - in all, 6 games in 12 days in 2 countries.

Luggage queries notwithstanding we are ready. Nets have been suitably well populated throughout the winter; shirts, caps, ties, badges, pennants, baseball caps have all been arranged; jabs - done; insurance - done; itinerary - permanently moveable.

This blog will become a permanent record of our discretions, our indiscretions and what promises to be something of a trip of a lifetime.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and supporting a rag-tag, hopeful, progressively mature, ardently keen, periodically competitive and ultimately fun-seeking team of willow wielding, leather hurling ball chasers.

More will most definitely follow.

9 days... we only went and bloody did it!

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