Sunday 25 March 2012

Friday, March 23rd, 2012 - a day off in Santiago!

What is it about tours that makes you do things you never do? Probably the same thing that makes you do things you don't normally do when you're on holiday. I believe it may be called alcohol. I believe there might have been quite a lot of consumption.

Obviously not by the Dors. I mean, we're on tour. We just drank cartons of orange juice. Nothing more. Which is probably why the Dors obliterated all opposition at the Big Fat Quiz at La Casa Roja on Thursday night. Well, Panda did. Brain the size of a planet. No life. That can't be true, he's on TOUR!

Axel looks like a man who strikes a pose with every movement, whether walking or running or standing threateningly at point with his back to the sun (it's medical, something to do with solar gain, I believe), so it was almost a given that he be the last man standing in a game of heads and tails. The Dors cleaned up.

And not just at the quiz either. The local wildlife appears to have much to offer. There are those whose standing in the ranks of top scorers and whose memories will be richer for that sweet, late night temptation. And who missed one of the finest days on tour, if not of our lives!

Early breakfast, followed by running around trying to find our missing member, who wasn't missing, we just didn't know where he was, and we were off to the De Martino vineyard for a magnificent tour in the hands of the delightful Maria-Jesus - she now holds the hearts of more than a couple of tourists. More I am not at liberty to say, although she received a proposal. Yes she did.

De Martino is extremely proud of its heritage and being a 'mad, crazy, innovative winery'. (a direct quote). The first vineyard in Chile to bottle Carmenere, the processes they use range from the VERY old (using amphora and legendary methods) to the VERY new (shiny and huge) and the wine they produce is very very good. I know. I have tried a lot of it.

With a tour of the facilities out of the way, the Dors were led on a tasting expedition. Although only one person discovered the smell of a 'shag in a cemetary' in his glass. No one else knows what that's like and no one really wants to!

With 3 wines down, we were invited to lunch. Lunch invitiations for 14 people are rare. This was even rarer. I now know the kind of al fresco dining I want to do for the rest of my life. Chris Emmott, our fixer and friend here in Santiago had done us proud with a combination of starters, mains and puddings all washed down with a very fine Carmenere. A Gran Reserva no less. I like Chile. I like South America. I like wine. Wine. Lamp. Love Lamp!

We could have stayed there all day, but that would have been... no, hang on, we really should have stayed there all day, but that was not on the cards. With Maria-Jesus leading a slightly wobbly, but well fed and watered band of de Martino converts back to the bus (she could have led us anywhere actually, couldn't she Paulo?) we were back on the road with songs and memories and fine wine in our bellies and a collection of boxes and bags .What a wonderful place.

The afternoon was spent writing blog and match report by yours truly and the Skip; supping fine beers at the Euro Happy Beer Emporium ( I made that last bit up, but it's true check out Euro Happy in Santiago on Facebook and you'll see what I mean.) And then dinner, en masse, in preparation for something spectacular. All this was just a prelude to the main event. For tomorrow we take on Chile. A true Dors coup in Santiago. We take on the mighty champions of South America in a 35 over international friendly.

And that, my friends, is where I leave it for now. There will be more tomorrow. But for today, let us relax and consider an amazing achievement. 14 friends and players from various teams and walks of life will take the field against Chile. Well done Duncan, well done me, well done lads! It is an honour and a pleasure.



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