Tuesday 13 March 2012

It's funny how things creep up on you.

One day you're chatting away, musing on the possibility of a cricket tour to a far flung land; escaping the humdrum roundabout of council pitches, winter nets, 9 people turning up to play at 2pm on a Saturday; how far you used to be able to throw a cricket ball; what the score really is and not what's on the board; could a monkey actually bowl a better outswinger? 

Then suddenly you look at yourself in the mirror (the greying temples, sunken eyes, pallid, pasty skin and nervous twitching in your left eye and right buttock) and notice, there, on the floor behind you, a cricket bag; packed; zipped up and containing everything you think you'll need on a 2 week CRICKET tour to SOUTH AMERICA!

We really have done it. It really is here.

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday March 14th, 2012 at 7.20am, the following gentlemen will take their turn on their own merry-go-round of epic awesomeness. In no particular order, I give you THE CORRIDORS ON TOUR:

Duncan Mallard (Skip)
Lee Strachan (Lumpy)
Paul Davies (Paulo)
Tim Davis (Crabman)
Tim Postins (Kung Fu Panda)
Michael Behl (Behly)
Simon Harrington (Barbarossa)
Richard Forge (Forgey)
Michael Dawson (Dawse)
Andrew Kinnear (Smurf)
Jason Foley (Axel)
Tony Campbell (Swiss)
Russell Jennings (Rusty)
Marston York (Mars)

There may be words to describe the obscene levels of hysterical excitement currently coursing through my desperately ill-equipped body but I can't sit still long enough to formulate anything with them. I am severally capable of RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR! and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAP! and sometimes a whole sentence. Although rarely one that doesn't contain either of the above.

We have trained (sort of), planned (ish), discussed (a lot) and now it's here. It really is here. And tomorrow we leave.

Thank you to everyone for making this possible.

You've heard the phrase: "Play up, play up and play the game!" I'd like to add something: "Oh, and go and do it in South America while you're at it. Argentina and Chile sound like fun!"

Too right.

So we shall.

Hasta pronto amigos.

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